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Dental Bridges
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Rendering of jaw with dental bridge at HomeTown Dental in Fort Worth.Dental bridges help in bridging the gap between teeth or bringing them back to their perfect form. A bridge comprises two or more crowns on either side of the tooth gap along with a false tooth between the bridge. The bridge helps in restoring your smile along with an ability to chew effectively. We at HomeTown Dental at Alliance have done this procedure countless times for our patients, and we are proud to offer this treatment as part of our comprehensive oral health program.

Different Types of Dental Bridges

Dentists recommend different types of dental bridges based on each individual person's situation. Traditional bridges are the most common type of bridges and involve creating a crown for teeth on either side of the missing tooth. Cantilever bridges are used when adjacent teeth are present on only one side of the missing tooth. Resin-bonded bridges are also implemented in some cases.

Process of Getting Dental Bridges

Initially, the anchoring teeth are prepared so that the crown could be placed on top of them, then the impressions of the teeth are made. These serve as models that assist our professionals in the making of the dental bridge. A temporary bridge is provided until then so that the teeth remain protected. Next, the temporary bridge is removed, and a proper bridge is placed. The frame is checked multiple times for the correct fit. After this, the bridge is cemented. Regular visits to our office are required to check whether the bridge fits properly or not.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges help in restoring your ability to chew food and speak properly. The bridges help maintain the shape of the teeth structure, thus maintaining a good smile. Teeth often drift from their original position and can look distorted. The bridges help in bringing the teeth back to their original positions. Moreover, they replace the missing tooth, which fixes the chewing and biting process.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

Dental bridges last several years, depending on the condition of the teeth. Some kinds of dental bridges last up to 15 years, while others could last longer. With proper oral dental hygiene, the life span of dental bridges can be greatly increased.

Dental Bridges Cost

The cost of dental bridges depends on the type of bridge selected along with any extenuating factors during and after the procedure. However, we are committed to offering flexible payment plans and accept many types of insurance so that you can worry less about paying and more about using that new smile you just received.

Care for Dental Bridges

With dental bridges, you must continue to carry out proper oral care. Brushing twice daily, flossing at regular intervals, and using an anti-bacterial mouthwash can help take good care of the bridges. This also helps in preventing tooth decay and further gum infections. Rinsing your mouth after eating is also beneficial. Regular visits to our dentists are also recommended.

Here at HomeTown Dental, we offer a variety of other restorative services, including dental impants, and dental crowns. To learn more about dental bridges, reach out to us. To speak with one of our helpful team members, call HomeTown Dental at Alliance at (682) 312-6878 today.
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Dental bridges help in bridging the gap between teeth or bringing them back to their perfect form. Call HomeTown Dental today to schedule an appointment!
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