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Fluoride Treatment
Fort Worth, TX

Young boy receiving fluoride treatment at HomeTown Dental at Alliance in Texas Fort Worth 76177Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps promote oral health while preventing cavities. That’s why people at risk of tooth decay, especially children, are often advised to get fluoride treatment for improving their dental well-being.

Fluoride treatments are effective dental procedures consisting of a high concentration of fluoride that dentists apply on their patient’s teeth to reduce the possibility of cavities. Fluoride may take the form of a gel, foam, liquid, or varnish.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment can be used as family dentistry for preventing the possible risk of a cavity or as a dental procedure for eliminating existing decay. In either case, there are several benefits of fluoride treatment that should be taken into consideration.

Protects the Enamel

One of the best benefits of this dental treatment is that it protects your tooth enamel. Consuming acidic drinks causes enamel to break down, making them more sensitive to even performing normal activities like drinking warm, hot, and cold beverages. Fluoride treatment can help you with that as it protects your enamel from breaking down while fighting against the acids that cause harmful bacteria in the long run.

Prevents Tooth Decay and Cavities

When starch and sugar are consumed, they enable the bacteria already present in your mouth to produce an unhealthy acid that breaks down the enamel. However, you can combat this particular dental issue by getting a fluoride treatment that naturally battles against tooth decay and cavities.

It’s essential to remember that fluoride treatment is not just basic dentistry for kids. Adults also reap benefits from this dental procedure just as effectively.

Restores Minerals

Acid doesn’t just break down your enamel, but it also damages tooth structure by destroying the very minerals that make up your teeth in the first place. For example, calcium and phosphorus are crucial for your dental health, but the detrimental acids strip your teeth of these minerals gradually but surely. Fluoride treatment reverses this damage by adding these essential minerals back into your teeth. This process is referred to as remineralization.

Act as a Natural Preventative

Fluoride also serves as a natural preventative for your teeth. Adjusting the fluoride level through fluoride treatment is a cost-effective dental approach to keep your oral hygiene and health in tip top shape.

You can either lean toward topical or systemic fluorides. Topical fluorides include toothpaste, mouthwash, and other fluoride-based treatments. Contrarily, systemic fluorides are often consumed, such as drinking fluoridated water. However, dentists usually suggest applying fluoride treatment during your routine dental cleanings for immediate effect.

If you’re looking for a professional dental clinic to get a fluoride treatment, HomeTown Dental at Alliance has you covered. Our dental experts offer the best services to ensure you get the most effective results after your treatment. For further information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (682) 312-6878.

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