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Multiple Tooth Implant
Fort Worth, TX

Group of older women with dental implants from HomeTown Dental at Alliance in Fort Worth, TexasA multiple tooth implant offers a cutting-edge replacement solution for missing teeth. They are a more robust and aesthetically pleasing answer to dental bridges and dentures. Implant-supported restorations look and feel just like natural teeth in almost every regard. A multiple tooth implant is the perfect solution for patients who have several teeth missing and are self-conscious about their appearance.

Compared to dental bridges and dentures, dental implants offer a better choice for restoration when it boils down to functionality, maintenance, durability, and aesthetics. Besides look and function, dental implants also help to preserve the integrity of your jawbone. If you are looking to transform your smile and appearance with the help of implant surgery, our team at HomeTown Dental at Alliance can offer you the best treatment solutions and guidance.

Advantages of Implant-Supported Restorations

Dental implants are a viable solution for most patients as they can restore function and beauty to your teeth while helping your jawbone stay healthy and strong. As they are securely anchored to your jawbone, the risk of shifting under pressure is completely eliminated. By preserving the underlying jawbone you are also avoiding any unwanted facial changes that could result from bone resorption.

In the long term, they offer more value for your investment since they do not require regular checks and are very easy to maintain. In most cases, brushing and flossing your dental implants daily is more than enough to keep them clean. As they are allowed to merge with your jawbone, they feel very comfortable and do not hinder your ability to chew or speak.

Risks Associated with Multiple Tooth Implants

While rare, there are certain risks imposed by dental implants if they fail to fuse with the jawbone properly. In such cases there is a possibility of infection and nerve damage which can elevate the problems for a patient. Similar to every other surgical procedure, there are certain risks associated with dental implant surgery, however these can be avoided by choosing your oral surgeon carefully.

Cost of Multiple Tooth Implants

In most cases, a single tooth implant is proposed by dental professionals to preserve the integrity and bone density of nearby teeth. Depending on the location you are based in and your oral care needs, the price for a multiple tooth implant can fluctuate.

For instance, if you are replacing two to four teeth with dental implants, the entire procedure, including the abutments and crowns, will be more than if you had a single tooth implant. As with any other treatment, the approximate cost of a dental implant surgery can vary depending on the unique circumstances of the patient, as well as other components.

Our staff at HomeTown Dental at Alliance boasts years of experience in the field of implant dentistry and are respected educators on the issues surrounding oral care. If you’d like to book an appointment, our customer care team is available to take your calls and answer your questions at (682) 312-6878.
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