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Our Technology
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doctor examining xray with patient at HomeTown Dental at Alliance in Fort Worth, TexasThe world around us is advancing in technology, including in the dental office. At HomeTown Dental at Alliance we pride ourselves in staying up to date in the tips, tools, and technology that improves your comfort and your oral health. Continuing education and advancing our tools with the latest information will set your visit apart from previous dental care. We invite you to experience the difference.
Some of the tools that we have incorporated to improve your experience include:
•  Digital X-rays: In decades past, dental X-rays were small, grainy slides. They were difficult to see, difficult for patients to understand, and easy to lose. Today, with the advancement of digital X-rays, dentistry has taken a substantial jump forward in collecting and showing useful information. Digital X-rays are easier to take, with immediate availability, the images are clear, large, and displayed on a screen near your chair. Additionally, the images are digitally saved to your file making them easy to store, impossible to lose, and simple to electronically share with another office. One of the best aspects of digital radiology is the significantly reduced level of radiation exposure compared to traditional slide X-rays. Studies indicate between a 70-90% reduction in radiation usage.
•  Dental Lasers: We have laser tools to assist in a wide range of dental procedures. Laser tools are used to dry and harden materials such as fillings. They are also used to expedite teeth whitening, but one of the biggest uses of laser tools is in restorative procedures. Laser tools can be used to cut or remove soft and hard tissue. We can reduce and treat canker sores. We can also make cuts into gum tissue with laser technology. Treatments performed with lasers means more precise cuts, reduced bleeding, and ultimately faster healing.
•  Intraoral Camera: A huge part of the work we do is to educate our patients in their oral health, including areas of concern and what they can do to improve the health of their teeth. The intraoral camera is a device that is about the size of a toothbrush. We can use it to display parts of the mouth on screen in live video. This allows us to communicate better with our patients and increases their awareness.
•  Velscope: Velscope is a handheld oculus tool that we use to look for oral mucosal abnormalities during your oral cancer screening. It uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance tissue abnormalities and highlight pre-cancers, cancer, and other diseases. Velscope does not diagnose cancer but is a non-invasive screening device.
•  Whole Body Dentistry: It may surprise you, but your health, all of your health from head to toe, can affect your oral health and your oral health can affect other areas of your body. Your body may have several separate functions, but they work together, and you want them to work in harmony. Bacterial infections in your mouth are bacteria for your body; the bacteria can travel. Increasingly, studies are finding connections between oral health and heart health or diabetes and more. We can help you have the information and guidance you need to have whole body health beginning with your mouth.

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Our Technology • Dentist Fort Worth, TX
At HomeTown Dental at Alliance we pride ourselves in staying up to date in the tips, tools, and technology that improves your comfort and your oral health.
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