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Periodontal Maintenance
Fort Worth, TX

A man flossing his teeth after periodontal maintenance at HomeTown Dental at Alliance in Fort Worth, TexasPeriodontal maintenance is a thorough dental cleaning process carried out by our expert dentists at HomeTown Dental at Alliance for preventing the spread of periodontal diseases and infections. Periodontal diseases are caused when bacteria from plaque get into the gum tissues, causing severe gum inflammation, irritation, and discomfort. For halting the spread of such infections, periodontal maintenance is conducted by our team of dentists. Not only is the progression of such infections stopped in their tracks, but the cleaning process results in fresh breath and helps maintain good dental health.

Why Should I Get Periodontal Maintenance?

Our dentists recommend periodontal maintenance for several reasons. Dentists can help remove the yellow stains on teeth with this procedure, resulting in a fresh breath. Plaque build-up around teeth and gums often results in further tooth decay or infections. Therefore, a thorough cleaning process can help remove plaque around the gumline, preventing further infection. Periodontal maintenance is mainly recommended for everybody as part of a wholistic oral health approach.

How is Periodontal Maintenance Performed?

When you come into our office for periodontal maintenance, our dentist focuses on removing tartar, or calculus, from around the gums and teeth. The exact conditions found inside our patients' mouths are recorded so that in the future, we can continue monitoring your oral health to see if there are any trends we can identify. Bacteria are removed from the gumline and gum pockets, followed by a procedure called root planing. Medications are also provided to promote quick healing of the area. Regular x-rays and examinations are carried out to monitor your dental health and should be part of your routine oral health care. Periodontal maintenance is recommended every three to four months, which will help prevent periodontal infection-causing bacteria's further growth.

Is Periodontal Maintenance a Painful Procedure?

Periodontal Maintenance is not a painful process. However, after the procedure, you may likely feel discomfort or soreness in the gums. There are chances that a patient might experience some sensitivity in the affected area. However, to ease any discomfort, our dentists provide necessary instructions as well as medication to soothe the area.

How Often Should I get Periodontal Maintenance Done?

As per the American Dental Association recommendations, you should get periodontal maintenance every six months. Getting a proper dental cleaning up twice a year will also go a long way in preventing severe dental complications like decays, infections, and cavities. Regular maintenance and check-ups hold the keys to excellent dental health and should therefore be adhered to.

How Long Does a Periodontal Maintenance Procedure Take?

During a periodontal procedure, our dentists will clean and inspect both sides of the mouth. This can be carried out in either one or two clinic visits. Both sides can be cleaned out in 45-60 minutes each. However, the time would vary as per the requirements of each patient and their respective dental conditions. Periodontal maintenance is recommended every three to four months to prevent the further growth of bacteria causing periodontal infections.

Please speak with us now to know more about periodontal maintenance. For any dental health advice and treatment recommendations, call at (682) 312-6878 today, and one of our amazing staff will gladly assist you.
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Periodontal Maintenance - Dentist Fort Worth, TX - HomeTown Dental
Periodontal maintenance is a thorough dental cleaning process carried out by our expert dentists at HomeTown Dental. Call today to schedule an appointment with our professionals!
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