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Root Canal
Fort Worth, TX

Diagram of tooth showing tooth root at HomeTown DentalRoot canal treatment is an effective way of removing dead and decaying matter from a tooth or a tooth cavity. The bacteria are eliminated from the area, which further helps prevent reinfection, making the tooth healthy again. During a root canal treatment, the decayed pulp is removed. The area is further disinfected, a filling is applied, and the tooth is sealed. The method has proven effective, and thousands of patients have gotten this procedure by HomeTown Dental at Alliance.

When to Get a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is suggested by dentists to treat dental decays, cavities, injuries, and genetic disorders. You can opt for root canal treatment after consulting with your general dentist. A dentist may recommend root canal treatment when a person is experiencing severe pain and sensitivity while chewing or biting. The treatment may also be recommended in cases of a chipped or cracked tooth, pimple-like appearances on the gums, or if a person has swollen and darkened gums or deep dental decays.

Root Canal Procedure

A dental x-ray is first done to study the extent of the damage. After studying the sensitivity of the damage, a relevant treatment is suggested in case of severe pain. A local anesthetic is provided to the patient. Additionally, the tooth must be kept clean and protected from saliva. For this purpose, a rubber-like sheet called a dental dam is used. The decaying matter is removed. A pathway is made through the tooth crown to access the pulp chamber. The diseased pulp is further removed, and filling material is applied.

Advantages of a Root Canal

Root canal treatment is recommended by several dentists to eliminate the devastating symptoms of dental decays and cavities. The treatment helps in the elimination of decayed matter, causing severe sensitivity. Root canal treatment helps in regaining the ability to chew effectively without pain and allows the patient to chew and bite normally again. Root canal treatment helps restore the natural tooth appearance and protects the tooth and gums from stains, as well as helps prevent excessive wear caused by chewing.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

The cost of root canal treatment depends on the extent of oral damage. The type of teeth is also considered. The cost also depends on whether the tooth treated is either permanent or natural. Getting a root canal for a natural tooth is less costly as compared to a permanent tooth. Moreover, molar treatment is also comparatively expensive since these teeth are in an awkward position and require our dentists more time to complete the procedure. The removed tooth is further replaced by an implanted material. Therefore, the entire treatment is a little costly and requires further care, as well.

To learn more about the details and the procedure for root canal treatment, give us a call HomeTown Dental at Alliance at (682) 312-6878 today for more information.
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The method has proven effective, and thousands of patients have gotten a root canal by HomeTown Dental at Alliance. Call our office to schedule today!
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