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Single Tooth Implant
Fort Worth, TX

Group of older women with dental implants from HomeTown Dental at Alliance in Fort Worth, TexasAs people age, they experience tooth damage and decay more easily. Even in our younger patients, gum disease is a very real possibility. In these cases, you may lose all of your natural teeth. When this occurs, many patients choose removable dentures to restore look and function. That said, these can be somewhat cumbersome and difficult to maintain. Dentures must be washed daily, and you need to make sure the adhesive is cleaned off of your gums. At HomeTown Dental at Alliance, we offer dental implants, both single tooth implants, and multiple tooth dental implants, to provide an alternative to dentures for your tooth replacement.

Gum Disease is a Real Problem

Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, can have serious consequences for the health of not just your gums, but also your teeth, bones, other soft tissues, and the rest of your mouth. HomeTown Dental at Alliance can help treat periodontal disease before these consequences can harm your health and cause you to lose your teeth.

Bone Loss

The dental consequences of periodontal disease go far beyond just your gums. The bones in your jaw are also at risk. Bacteria will burrow through your gums, all the way to the bone beneath. This can increase your risk of tooth loss and even change the entire shape of your face as your facial features collapse due to lack of structural support.

Tooth Loss

Tooth loss may be one of the final consequences of advanced periodontal disease, but the vast majority of all adult teeth, 75%, are lost due to this disease. That is because of how aggressive and rapid gum disease can be. If it is not caught early, it can take a heavy toll on the gums and teeth by the time it is successfully treated. As gums recede the pockets expand, deteriorating the grip the gums have on the teeth. Before teeth start falling out you will notice that they are looser in your mouth, and you will be able to spot gaps that had not existed before.

Single Tooth Implants to the Rescue!

It is important to maintain good oral health, and as well the health of your gums. Not doing so can lead to bone loss and tooth loss. If this is the case, or for whatever reason you have lost one tooth, or many, dental implants can be the answer for replacing your missing teeth. If you have just one tooth missing we can replace it with a single tooth implant. If you have more than one tooth you have lost, multiple dental implants are available.

Contact us here at HomeTown Dental at Alliance today to set up a consultation appointment. We can do a dental cleaning and exam and work with you to discuss the health of your mouth and what type of dental restoration would be best for you. If you need dental procedures done to allow you to qualify for dental implants, we can do that too. Give us a call today at (682) 312-6878.
HomeTown Dental at Alliance in Fort Worth, Texas

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Single Tooth Implant • Dentist Fort Worth, TX
At HomeTown Dental at Alliance, we offer dental implants, both single tooth implants, and multiple tooth dental implants. Click here to learn more.
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