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Sleep Apnea/Oral Appliances

Woman covering ears while husband snores should go see Hometown Dental - Alliance in Fort Worth, TX for helpSleep apnea is a sleep disorder triggered by irregular breathing patterns. Commonly, the disorder is associated with a person who stops breathing repeatedly and then starts over again. These periods do not have to be long and is usually indicated by snoring. Often people feel tired and physically drained even after sleeping throughout the night. The disorder is caused when your throat muscles naturally relax or when your brain does not send accurate signals to the muscles in your throat. In case of severe sleep apnea, the disorder can severely impact your quality of life. If you feel that you might be suffering from sleep apnea, our team of professionals at HomeTown Dental at Alliance can help you get the proper treatment of this condition and get you back on track to a better quality of life.

How Is Sleep Apnea Caused?

Obstructive sleep apnea is caused when the muscles at the back of the throat relax. Due to this relaxation, the airway closes and becomes narrower, thus causing sleeping difficulty and loud snoring. Patients often snore or choke while sleeping during an obstructive sleep apnea.

Central sleep apnea is less common and is more of a neurological disorder. This type of sleep apnea disorder is caused when the brain fails to send signals to the muscle for the act of breathing. Shortness of breath and insomnia are some common symptoms of both types of sleep apnea.

How Do I Know If I Have Sleep Apnea?

You can analyze your sleeping activity to know whether the symptoms for sleep apnea are present or not. The most common symptom is loud snoring. Other common symptoms include morning headache, tiredness throughout the day after an adequate amount of sleep, awakening with a dry mouth, and insomnia. Some patients have also complained of discomfort, irritation, and hypersomnia. During sleep, patients find it difficult to breathe and frequently gasp for air.

How Do I Know If I Am At Risk Of Getting Sleep Apnea?

There are several factors which increase the risk of getting a sleep apnea disorder. People with excessive weight or obesity are at high risk. Patients with nasal congestion, smokers, alcoholics, and males are at high risk of the disorder as well. Another key risk factor in patients with a prior family history of sleep apnea. Experts believe that patients who have suffered from stroke are also at high risk of disorder. People with these risk factors and significant symptoms should reach out to our team to see if these symptoms are indeed indicative of sleep apnea.

How Can A Dentist Help?

Seeking the help of a qualified dentist is necessary when sleep apnea affects your quality of life. Our team can help alleviate the effects of this disorder by creating mouthguards you can wear at night to keep your airways open and unblocked. By doing so, we can help you avoid the problems associated with heavy snoring and help you regain the healthful sleep you need.

To know more about sleep apnea and its treatment, speak with us now. For more information contact HomeTown Dental at Alliance at (682) 312-6878 today.
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