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Tooth Extraction
Fort Worth, TX

Woman holding cheek due to tooth ache, being treated at HomeTown DentalA tooth extraction is carried out professionally by our expert dentists at HomeTown Dental at Alliance. A tooth is extracted from the jawbone for several reasons. However, the key aim is to stop further infection and decay while eliminating the pain and discomfort around the affected area. In certain situations, tooth extraction methods become necessary to preserve your oral health. With this extraction method, visible and broken teeth can be removed from their spot through an outpatient procedure.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is carried out due to several reasons. The tooth is usually extracted due to extensive damage or decay. In these cases, the tooth is too damaged beyond just a filling or a crown; only then can the damaged tooth be extracted. In some cases, the extraction method is carried out to prepare braces and during radiation or chemotherapy treatments only if the tooth has become severely infected. The procedure is also carried out to remove the wisdom teeth due to the lack of space in the mouth for their growth. Wisdom teeth are also removed when they are infected or impacted.

How is Tooth Extraction Carried Out?

During a tooth extraction procedure, the initial step is to numb the area by administering local anesthesia. In some cases, a sedative is also provided. In some cases, the tooth is broken into pieces and extracted further. A simple extraction method involves removing a damaged or decayed tooth that is visible in the mouth. On the other hand, a surgical extraction method involves removing a tooth that is not visible. This often happens when the tooth is broken. One of our oral surgeons will carry out this surgical method, and medicines are prescribed after the tooth's surgical removal.

Tooth Extraction Recovery

After extracting the tooth, our dentists will suggest you follow certain oral instructions carefully. Until the anesthesia wears off, the patient must stick to a liquid diet. Moreover, proper oral dental care must be followed at home to prevent your other teeth from infection or further decay. However, the patient must avoid brushing teeth instantly after the procedure. This may put force on the area, causing pain and sensitivity. After a few days, normal dental care can be carried out.


During a tooth extraction process, some patients have complained of some discomfort. This could have been because of the occurrence of a dry socket, which leaves the bone exposed after the breakage of the blood clot. Others have complications, including sore jaw, which may have been due to anesthesia or due to keeping their mouth open for such a long duration. Other tooth extraction complications can include numb lips and chin. This may happen when a nerve in that area becomes a bit swollen during the procedure. Infection is another possibility after the tooth is extracted from the jaw, and you must adhere to the antibiotic regime very strictly to avoid this from happening.

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A tooth extraction is carried out professionally by our expert dentists at HomeTown Dental at Alliance. Call today to schedule an appointment!
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